8 Year Old Student Dress coded for ‘Black Girls Rock’ tshirt

8 Year Old Student Dress coded for ‘Black Girls Rock’ tshirt

In early December, 8 year old Makiyah-Jae was dress coded at Popps Ferry Elementary and forced to change out of her shirt that said ‘Black Girls Rock’  in Biloxi, Mississippi.


Sharika Jolly, the mother of the girl stated that her daughter had issues dealing with her Afrocentric features telling her mom that she wanted to straighten her natural hair and dye it blonde.

She also said that her daughter has worn the shirt before without issues.

The principal of the elementary school admitted that it did not violate any dress code policies but he made the decision based on his own discretion.

Since then the school district’s administrators have apologized to Jolly about the principal’s decision.

“We probably overreached in this situation, but we make many decisions every day,” said school district superintendent Arthur McMillan.

“Sometimes with decisions we make even as parents, we go back and look and think I wish I’d made that decision different. I think that’s the situation here. If he could make that decision again, he’d probably say ‘Hey, you know that’s not a big deal,’ but you’re always guarding against how do we not offend anybody.”

Regardless of the apology, Jolly believes that other students may have experienced similar incidents that have not been addressed asking WLOX, “How many other kids have been discriminated against at that school and their parents have not spoken up?”


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