14 year old Molly O’Malia speaks on relationship with Tyga

14 year old Molly O’Malia speaks on relationship with Tyga


According to Complex News, Tyga’s manager spoke out to say that O’Malia lied about her age and Tyga really wanted to hear music.  The manager showed the texts exchange between the two to save Tyga’s name. What was this girl’s motive?


14-year-old Molly O’Malia has come forward in a press conference to deny published rumors of her and Tyga.

According to OK! Magazine, O’Malia is the reason for the pause in Kylie and Tyga’s relationship.  The magazine published the alleged messages between the two via Instagram and a pixelated picture in which she claims everyone can identify her.




source: tmz.com

The high school freshman says that she only responded to Tyga’s direct message because she thought it was going to lead to a career opportunity about her music.

Aspiring singer and model says the allegations of hooking up is false and since the story was published, she’s been receiving negative comments on social media.


14-year-old Molly O’Malia

“Even though OK! Magazine pixelated my face and did not use my name, a lot of people could tell it was me,” said O’Malia. “As a result of the story and the photo, I received a lot of negative attention, not only from people in my own state but from all over the place. I don’t deserve the negative attention I have been getting as a result of this photo. I am speaking out today because I don’t want what happened to me to happen to any other young girl.”

According to Bossip.com there was no talk of a lawsuit only a press conference.

Is O’Malia looking for a boost in her career or does Tyga really have a problem? Tell us what you think.



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