Have a concert with your unborn baby with Babypod

Have a concert with your unborn baby with Babypod

Have you ever thought what if there was a way you could interact and build a closer bond with your unborn baby? Well if you have, you can now not only create a bond but have a mini concert with your unborn with Babypod.


The tampon like Spanish based product is used with pregnant women who are 16 weeks along to share the music experience with their baby.  According to the Babypod website, the device is safely made with silicone for easy insertion and easy to clean.

At 54 decibels, the volume of the device is only equalled to a whispered conversation which is normal for the fetus and is only suggested to be used for 10 to 20 minutes a day.


The Babypod has a headphone jack with a splitter that allows the mommy to hear what the baby can hear coming out the speaker. img_0091

According to the website, “eighty-seven percent of babies react to music streamed vaginally with body and head movements.”

“In addition, they open and close their mouths, stick out their tongues and gesticulate. It is a discovery never seen before.”

Babypod also has an app that goes along with the device that is currently only available in the Google Play store.

So since this device is supposed to encourage early development and learning I hope that the mothers who chose to use this device will be selective of the music choices. We don’t want our baby’s first words to be Chief Keef lyrics or our baby to be twerking out of the womb, now would we?

Would you use this device in your pregnancy, why or why not? Let us know!


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