I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes feel that in most cases, black people stick together and have each other’s back via social media.

In this case, Black Twitter and black social media in general has clapped back at Stacey Dash’s comments on Fox News.

Due to #Oscarssowhite and Jada Pickett Smith’s response to lack of diversity in the Oscar nominations, it has stirred up the controversy of award shows and their lack of representation of African-Americans.

Since Dash’s comments many people have voiced their opinions and most importantly, BET even clapped back asking for their check back for his appearance on hit TV show, The Game.

Dash then took to her blog to say that BET lies to black people and continues to throw more shade.

I’m not sure where her head is, but I think that Stacey Dash missed the whole point of why BET and those different award shows were made for us.

Just like HBCUS, networks, and everything else in this world, we had to create for our own because we had no choice.  If we would have settled and waited to be accepted by our counterparts, we wouldn’t have recognized our own black excellence.

The way I look at things is that those who have created award shows, schools, Black History Month, and so on saw the need to uplift our people because these outlets are more than just recognition for us, it educates us. For Dash to say that we don’t need this, to me says that we don’t need acknowledge our own people and congratulate them on their successes.

Dash stated that these entities keep us separate and if we want to be equal and together then we need to eliminate them right? If we can’t even get recognized with them, what makes her think that without them it would just magically get better?

BET was launched in 1980 and the BET awards premiered in 2001 which was not that long ago. The creation of each was obviously due to the fact we weren’t being represented in the mainstream channels.

I’m just not understanding how any African-American can be against the promotion of our own arts, history, and excellence as if we don’t have enough of the odds against us.

Singer Tyrese went in on the topic on Sway’s Universe and made some valid points similar to others.  I agree that we should not beg for the validation from award shows like the Oscars or the Academy Awards to celebrate our arts.


In my opinion, equality will never be gained and we only have our own award show sand networks because we are following the layout that has been given to us, separate but equal.

Our award shows hold value to us and their award shows hold value to them, at this point there is no changing the status quo.  So to Stacey Dash, thanks but no thanks, we need everything we have currently and coming in the future to inspire us and the future generations and we won’t find that on Fox News or the Oscars.

I agree that we don’t need to beg for the acceptance from any networks or award shows and continue to celebrate and focus on uplifting our community.

What do you think?



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