Keys To Success For Incoming College Girls

Keys To Success For Incoming College Girls

With the incoming class of freshmen girls going to college, some of them ask questions via social media about different things like parties, boys, and campus life in general and I feel like it’s my duty to guide them.  Becoming a senior now in college, looking back on my freshmen year, there are plenty of lessons I learned and now I know the ropes of being a girl on campus. So here are some social keys to success for freshmen college girls using Nicki Minaj gifs, so let me and muva Nicki school you girls real quick:

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Chose your new friends wisely.

When you first come on campus, you’re going to be surrounded by other super excited freshmen.  You guys are going to want to become instant best friends because you’re urging to not be lonely and you’re going to be ready to have fun.

Pick your friends wisely because you are the company you keep.  Find friends who you can turn up with but also chill and study with! You need to have those friends that can find that balance with, friends that will have your back in times of need (you will need help), discuss your goals with, turn up with you at kickbacks, and will text you all day until you guys meet up after class.


In college you have certain friends for certain things and that needs to be understood.  College isn’t like high school and you’ll be confronted with situations in which you will need to be around people who are dependable and will have your back.

Make sure to understand the difference of your real friends versus associates because everyone can’t be trusted. So before you try to force relationships with girls and guys to be your bestie from Twitter or meeting them that first week, make sure you really know them!


Find your hustle.

It’s college so everybody around you is in need of something but yet so poor. If you’re good at doing hair, nails, make-up, sewing, writing, or really anything you can make money.  Make sure you advertise your talents. You’re going to be poor and in need of money to pay for things that you want to do so make sure that you make that money girl, don’t let it make you.

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Watch out for the dudes who come after you. 
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They say you find your true love in college, I’m not sure how true that is for us living in 2016 but it seems to be very slim.  Being a freshman girl, you’re the piece of meat that all of the guys on campus will be after…get that in your head right now.

This is where you need to be smart because everything that’s telling you, texting you, or Snapchatting you is not true.  If he’s an older dude on campus, you need to be extra careful.  These dudes will play you like you’re a joker in a deck of cards but you need to remember that you were the crown as a queen, ok girl!?

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All boys talk, the football team talks, the basketball team talks, Greeks talk, and even regular freshmen boys talk. Just remember what Drake said, “niggas talk more than bitches these days” and be very wise when it comes to your heart and your body. They don’t all have your best interest no matter how good it sounds. Just make sure you’re smart about you who let in because college boys are a complete different wave then high school boys.

Degree first, everything else second.

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Going to school is so expensive and time consuming so remember why you started and why you’re there.  Going to class, knowing your professors, and studying is very imperative to being a scholar in college.

This isn’t like high school where it’s all fun and games and skipping class is spontaneous and fun, you’re actually wasting money.  Maximizing your college experience is very important so make sure that you’re soaking up all that you can.

Networking is the key to success in college because everyone wants to help out students.  Make sure that you’re taking advantage of going to different seminars, events, and meeting people who are beneficial to your career.

Brand yourself, build your resume, and your network because you want to build your network to increase your net worth. Make great grades especially your first year because it sets the foundation.  If you mess up your freshman year, it’s hard to come back from that mess up.

Find a mentor. 

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Mentoring is a huge element in college. If you really look at it, I’m mentoring you right now. 🙂 It’s all about finding the guidance that you need in the people who are like you and are where you want to be.  Find someone, even if they’re only a year older than you, and ask them for help.  College is about growth and networking so I’m sure if you reach out to someone, they’ll help you out, but only if you really want to be helped.

When looking for a mentor, just make sure they’re positive, have the means to help someone else, and will guide you in the direction that you are planning on taking. You never know unless you ask, then you shall receive.

Know that people are always watching you.

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No matter what you do people are watching you.  You are currently in the making of becoming your true self and you want your reputation is be positive rather being known for something outlandish.  Watch what you post on social media and what you allow others to post of you.

You can sometimes sit out on events so you’re not known as the girl that’s at every scene doing the most.  People will see you and talk about you.  Just make sure whatever your image is, you keep it that way.  What people know you for and see you as will travel fast but will never go away.  Don’t be that person where everyone knows your business but don’t even know you.

Most importantly…


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For some reason some people come to college and create these personas and become brand new people.  Make sure when coming to college you stay true to you, be yourself, and don’t lose yourself.

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If you listen to all of these keys to success then I know that your freshman year will be a breeze , beneficial, and more fun than ever. So follow these tips, share with your friends, and stay poppin’. You got this girl.


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