Chris Brown’s Manager Sues for Alleged Assault and Battery

Chris Brown’s Manager Sues for Alleged Assault and Battery

Chris Brown is back at it again with another lawsuit under his belt.

Reports claim that Brown’s manager Michael Guirguis, known as Mike G is suing Brown for “assault, battery, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract and breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing after he alleges the singer “brutally” attacked him in early May before embarking on his European tour.”

Mike G was hired shortly after the situation with Rihanna 2009 to clean up Chris’ reputation.

The manager claimed that Brown attacked him during a “drug-fueled” rage by punching him in the face and neck which led him to go to the emergency room.

Chris Brown took to social media to say “I fired them because they’re stealing money. You’re stealing money pal, so you’re mad because you’re no longer existent…God Bless you. Wish you the best of luck.”

Since then the post has been deleted but check out the group of videos below.


Patty Glaser, Mike’s attorney has commented that the claims are “unequivocally untrue and shameful and we will be amending our complaint to allege defamation.”

Being #TeamBreezy, I’m always going to defense for my fav but I can also admit to when he’s wrong.  In this case, I don’t believe that Chris beat up Mike G and I can’t believe he’s accusing him.

Though of course I wasn’t in the room or know them personally, Mike G and Chris seemed to be really close over the years and it’s a shame that this has spiraled out of control.

If the case is false, (which I hope it is) I wish people would leave Chris alone and allow him to grow and be a better person.  Since the birth of his daughter Royalty, we all agree it has calmed him down. Let him live his life!

I wish that people didn’t pick at him because we all know he’s crazy and use his past against him.  If the case is true….Chris get better and get help.

Do you believe Chris or his manager Mike G. ?


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