Love and Hip-Hop To Come To Houston, Texas

Love and Hip-Hop To Come To Houston, Texas

Speculation has stirred up that the Love and Hip-Hop Houston has started filming in the city and has already stirred up buzz all over the internet.

From Atlanta, New York, to Hollywood, if Love and Hip-Hop Houston premieres, it will definitely have high ratings and will have you tuned in every week.

The alleged cast of the new franchise is claimed to be Jhonni Blaze (also from Love and Hip-Hop New York), Kirko Bangz, Just Brittany, The Sauce Twinz, J Prince, and more.

There has already been altercations during the reported filming between cast members as well as the production crew.  MediaTakeOut reported that “at least ONE PRODUCER had a gun put in their face, and a cameraman was thrown to the ground and threatened” but there hasn’t been any other words about that situation.

At a video shoot for Just Brittany, others from the cast were present along with other big names of Houston a situation popped off were Jhonni Blaze was seen getting into it with someone which some say it was Just Brittany.

Rapper BeatKing was seen in the video stating “this is H-Town, this ain’t them other cities” letting the people know, that stuff isn’t going to fly in Houston, Texas.

In an interview,  Just Brittany commented on the situation between her and Jhonni Blaze and she stated “as far as women go, united we stand, but divided we fall” and they both posted a picture on Instagram squashing the beef.

If Love and Hip-Hop Houston actually shows on air, it will be the craziest season yet.  Check out this interview with Just Brittany at her Birthday Splashtown Extravaganza.


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