The Bad Boy Reunion Tour From a 90’s Baby

The Bad Boy Reunion Tour From a 90’s Baby

When you think of a Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, you probably think the whole arena will be filled with people about 35 years old and older reminiscing their early 20’s and jamming with their spouse remembering the “old days.”

That is true but I, a 21-year-old was definitely in the building swaying singing just about every song to the top of my lungs. I went to the show in Houston at the Toyota Center and it was the best show ever.

Growing up as a 90’s baby, hearing the sultry voices of Faith Evans to 112 and the real rap rhymes from Biggie to DMX, I was definitely influenced by Bad Boy. Not only did I just hear the songs maybe on the radio from the time I was born in 1995 but when your daddy is a DJ growing up during the birth of hip-hop, you continuously hear great music all the time.

When I first heard about the reunion tour, I knew that I had to be there.  It’s like the most influential musical talents of my time were all coming together.  Not to diss the other side of the country, but as most may know, there are East Coast people and there are West Coast people. I’m definitely an East Coast type of youngin’ growing up in the Midwest of the Chicagoland area.

At 21-years-old, I knew this concert was going to be a different approach than other concerts that I’ve been too like a Nicki Minaj, Rae Sremmurd, or Lil’ Wayne. I knew I had to be on my grown and sexy.

Honestly, the most important part was being accompanied by someone who had the same appreciation of not only the music but the times that the music came out. My best friend Brooke came along with me and it was just an amazing time.


It was a concert atmosphere that I’ve never felt. The energy was completely different than other show I’ve seen.  Just like Puffy said, it was the greatest show I’ve seen.

From my perspective, I know it was different. It’s not going to be like someone who actually really experienced Bad Boy from the start.  To me, I felt like I was watching history.  Of course I’ve watched the Notorious movie, I’ve seen the documentaries, interviews, and heard the stories but I was too young to actually experience the 90s in it’s entirety.

Seeing all of these legends had me in chills, it was so surreal. All I have are memories of my daddy’s mixes, my mama cleaning the house to the songs, riding home hearing them on the old school stations, or the vague memories of the music videos when TV used to actually show them. It honestly made me jealous that I wasn’t 21 in 1995.  

It’s so hard to point out my favorite part of the show because every scene gave me some type of super adrenaline excitement. Carl Thomas, 112, Total, and Faith Evans just gave me the soundtrack to my life, I couldn’t believe I was hearing their amazing voices in real life.

Seeing Diddy and Mase made me feel like wow, East Coast men are the best.  Their style, chains, chinchilla coats, and friendship had me in awe.  You can see their passion and genuine love for each other and the craft.

The most amazing and surprising part was the visit from DMX.  Like in my 21 years of life I was able to see thee DMX perform. You don’t realize how many hits Bad Boy records had over the twenty two years.

Seeing this concert was definitely legendary.  It gave me the inside view of what living, turning up, and experiencing the great years of the 1990s.  Growing up I’ve also watched the reruns, the films, and listened the music that made me yearn to be reincarnated to be born in a different decade.

Puffy and the Bad Boy Reunion Tour gave me just one night to feel like I was 21 in the year that I was born.


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