PVAMU’s Homecoming Brings High Spirits Onto Campus

PVAMU’s Homecoming Brings High Spirits Onto Campus

With the new stadium, new tailgating area, and new buildings in general, Prairie View’s campus has gained a whole new spirit for homecoming.

Current students along with alumni came together to celebrate more than just a week of homecoming but the expansion of Prairie View as a whole.

Thousands of people, students and non-students came to the campus with high spirits and good vibes to experience what is know as one of the livest homecomings in Texas.

“My first homecoming as a panther was definitely one to remember. I feel like after such a a live week I feel like this is where I belong,” said freshman agriculture major Aja Foster. “Homecoming was not what I expected, this week everyone really came together and bonded as a family even if you didn’t know them.”


The theme for the week, “The Hill. My Home. My Heart.” was the perfect quote for the week as alumni came and reconnected with not only their peers but the campus as well.

“It was nice as an alum to see all the advancements and renovations that have taken place,” said 2015 graduate Faydrian Pearson. “I saw the amazing business building, rejuvenated outdoor areas in the phases, and thousands of faces I haven’t seen in years. PV has a way of bringing people together but never did I expect to see classmates from middle school who attended TCU, UHD, and Sam Houston.”

Panther Stadium has made its debut this semester but winning the homecoming game against Alabama State University 24-17 gave a huge boost for panthers in their new home.

“We’ve always been proud of our school but the stadium for many of us is a surreal experience,” Ā said 2002 graduate and employee Candance Johnson. Ā “It was a different kind of bragging rights and a new level of pride.”

Many celebrities faces were on campus for the week. David Banner presented a message to African-Americans for SPIT Knowledge,Ā Kirko Bangz did an interactive interview series presented by alumnus Jarren Small’s Legends Do Live, Houston’s own BeatKing and Dice Soho performed at Hump Day, and Young Thug along with Bell Biv DeVoe headlined the homecoming concert.


Alumnus DJ Mr. Rogers also gave out his first Productive People Scholarship to senior mass communications major Ariel Thomas who is also a DJ.

“It’s about giving back,” said DJ Mr. Rogers at Hump Day. The scholarship is set out to help students with the burden of school and had no requirements to apply but just explaining why they were a productive person that Prairie View is building.



Overall everyone’s favorite moment is tailgating.Ā Alumna DJ FourPointOhh and the National Alumni Association Young Alumni Council put together the “Young Alumni Tent: The Ultimate Alumni Reunion” to bring a missed tradition back to campus to reunite everyone.

“Young alumni wanted to do something nice for the old alum coming back why do we always have to be so divided from different social groups, so let’s all party together,” said DJ FourPointOhh. “This will be a tradition everyone needs to experience, the young alumni tent party, a tent party for everyone.”

Tailgating is always the bonding momentĀ for current students to the alumni to eat, drink, and get together to share the differences and similaritiesĀ of PV nation from back then to now.

“My favorite part of homecoming was tailgate because I met so many new people and talked to the alumni on how PV has evolved to become a better place for the students,” said Foster.

Not only was the tent party brought back by alumni but also the past social tradition of Sonic cupsĀ by Jarren Small, Marcus King, and Douglas Johnson.

“We just wanted to bring an underground tradition to light. Overall being creative and breaking the normal tradition of shirts and other things,” said Small. Ā “Not only for alumni but faculty and administration and the current students could all indulge and enjoy in…with raising funds at our biggest event of the school year.”


Homecoming was a big family reunion and probably the best homecoming the campus has seen in a while and the students as well as alumni can’t wait until #PVHC2K17.




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  1. Damage
    October 12, 2016 / 2:45 am

    Great read! One time for “The Hill”

  2. October 12, 2016 / 3:23 am

    That IG post about the recap of PV homecoming was a repost from Trent J of FB. I am giving him the full credit for his FB post

  3. Sylvia Harris Jones
    October 12, 2016 / 2:45 pm

    What an awesome recap of PV’s homecoming. The class of ’79 took the party into houston until 5am. I truly enjoyed all the love because that’s the way we did it during our time at PV.
    Did you notice, there were no fights or negative incidents. Let’s continue to show God’s love.
    Sylvia Harris Jones