Happy 22nd Birthday to Me! 10 Things I Learned at 21

Happy 22nd Birthday to Me! 10 Things I Learned at 21

It’s January 3, 2017 and I’m feeling 22! On this day, my presence graced the world and it hasn’t been the same since, clearly. Haha.  While everyone complained on social media about how 2016 was so horrible for them, 2016 was actually amazing for me.  I achieved most of my goals,  traveled a lot, invested into myself,  and I was finally able to hang out with my older friends. I basically lived the 21 year old life and I loved every time about this year honey! If I could give my 21st year a title it would definitely be “India Turns 21: Bad & Boujee”.

Of course with all my experiences this year, I gained a lot of knowledge about the world and most importantly myself.  Being 21 for me felt different from all the other years because I felt like this year I really started to dabble (and trip, fall, and maybe kind of drown) into “adulting”.  21 was a wake-up call into real life, it showed me how fun, scary, and hard life could be.  They say that life is the best teacher so here’s 10 things I learned at 21.

  1. Time goes by so fast it’s scary. 

    My memory is so well and I can remember so much that when I realize something was so long ago it would make me sad, like wow, I’ve been out of high school for almost 4 years now.  5 years ago I was just 16 learning how to drive, and 10 years ago I was 11, and my 4 years of college are almost over! It made me realize that every moment is valuable and time is of the essence because you can’t get it back.

  2. Live in the moment. 

    I don’t know about you and your psyche but me, I’m a Capricorn! (clearly) I’m a worrier and I over think.  This year I really wanted to focus on the moments in life that you don’t want to post on social media because you’re so in tune with what is going on at the moment.  I forced myself to stop forcing things to happen and tried to just go with the flow and I really found myself having way more fun.

  3. It’s all about the adventures. 

    Like I said, I wanted to just live in the moment, go with the flow, and have fun so with that I was down with just about anything if I knew it was going to be fun.  My thought process was “hmm is this going to make a great story or memory later” if the answer was yes and I had enough coins then I was down. This led me to strengthen relationships with my friends with spending more time with them and I went to New York City, New Orleans, and Panama City Beach just spontaneously. Looking back those last minute decisions were some of my best memories. It’s all about those turn ups and the memories because you aren’t going to be young forever!

  4.  Save some money girl. 

    In the summer I was living with a friend in Houston, working, saving money just to pay my housing bills for the fall semester, having to fill my gas tank, trying to turn up and take these trips, and oh yea I had to eat.  I had to live check to check and now that I’ve experienced that struggle, I learned that I need to rationalize some material things sometimes to save money for unexpected events.

  5. Find your real friends. 

    I’m not saying I didn’t know who my real friends were but I reevaluated my circle and figured out my relationships with people.  Sometimes you just have to look around and see who’s really for you.  You have to put people in categories like they’re food. There’s your turn up friends, there’s your goal orientated friends, your talk about your life friends, and your friends when you just need to talk about how trash your love life is.  Of course there are friends who are in more than one category but yea just figure who is who and who will be there when you’re in need.

  6. Support those who support you. 

    Watch those people who talk to you about your goals and listen to them as well.  A lot of people this year really supported me by just sending me encouraging words, retweeting my work, watching my videos, and all that.  Some of these people weren’t close to me and I may have not even known them but it doesn’t matter.  Support the people who support you.

  7. Never let a clown try to play you. 

    Word to Muva Nicki Minaj because some of these cats really have you messed up! This year I was so unbothered, I just dropped people, especially guys who didn’t have my best interest in a heart beat. I was too focused to spend time and ponder on these jokes. Learn your worth and listen to a little Nicki for a little encouragement if you need it.

  8. Do you boo, DO *clap* YOU *clap*. 

    Like I said, this year was all about me and sometimes it has to be like that! I was worried about my mental health, physical health, my career, graduating, and being the baddest I can be.  When I did this I really looked back month after month and realized I was truly happy. I was having fun, flourishing, and glowing, so continuing into my 22nd year, I’ll be continuing this path. 

  9. Take Risks. 

    I’m scary. Honestly and truly.  Normally I like to weigh out all my options before I make one simple decision.  I really tried to take risks and make decisions by myself and just do it! I used the phrase “risk it for the biscuit” every time.

  10. ALWAYS go after what you want.

    Sometimes I would doubt myself, think I couldn’t do it or I wasn’t as qualified but you gotta lay those thoughts down and just go for it.  Make those goals happen and be just like Nike and just do it. “Resist your fear; fear will never lead you to a positive end”- T.D. Jakes.

21 was the best year ever and I know that 22 will be even better because 2017 is the year of glow and conquer! Even though I feel like 21 is the perfect age, I’m excited to see what 22 will offer me.

What are some things you learned this past year?



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