Vision Board Making Tips + Vision Board Playlist for 2017

Vision Board Making Tips + Vision Board Playlist for 2017

Making a vision board is one of my favorite things to do at the beginning of the year because number one, it’s relaxing and two it allows you to take all of those New Year’s resolutions and put them on the table. Everyone usually makes these new goals for themselves yearly but what good are those goals if you can’t see them and have a constant reminder of them.  Let’s plan that vision board making party now so grab the poster board, some magazines, glue and lets make our goals come to life in 2017.

Add quotes to your vision board.

When you add quotes to your vision board you keep important words that relate to your goal close to you and in your face.  Sometimes pictures are great of course but with words you can create your own picture with those words.

Make your board with your bestie.

With your friend, not only can you share magazines, pictures, and the other necessities to make your vision boards come to life but it’s a great bonding experience! You can head over to your bestie’s house, turn up on some wine or mimosas, play some music, and discuss each other’s goals and your plans to get there.  Sometimes it’s good to share your dreams and goals with someone because they may can even help you to get there.

Create a bomb playlist.

Drop the 21 Savage, Migos, and all the other trap artists and create a chill purposeful playlist.  Sometimes you just need to relax and lay off the turn up music and find your inner peace with some old school joints, some R&B, or some woke music.  Apple Music is my favorite go-to music streamer but sometimes I love to just turn on the 2000s R&B Radio station on Pandora and let it take over.

Post your board where you can see it.

Don’t make your vision board, share it to social media, and just put it in your closet, make sure you post it up on your wall.  For the past two years, I make sure that I put my vision board in plain sight.  If you’re in college, it would best to bring it back to campus with you!

If you’re looking for a bomb music playlist for the afternoon to create your vision boards, check out this Apple Music playlist I created with just the music I’ve saved onto my phone.  Send me your vision board pictures on social media!


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