Dreezy Shades the 45th in “Spar” with Kodak Black and 6lack

Dreezy Shades the 45th in “Spar” with Kodak Black and 6lack

Photo: Jewel Andrea, @treasuredvisuals

Dreezy has shocked the hip-hop community with something different showcasing her political views on her new track “Spar”. Collaborating with 6lack and Kodak Black on the Anti-Trump song, hearing more views on the state of America through rap is (sort of) bringing it back to its roots.

Artists like YG and recently Eminem also have not been shy on their opinions on the 45th president, more than likely igniting others to use their platforms.

Each artist on “Spar” delivered their perspectives on the current presidency leaving fans with thought-provoking bars. Chicago rapper, Dreezy shares her frustration of being prejudged just because of her hometown. Touching on recent events in the country she shows her irritation with some deep lines.

“Can’t say we representing when half the office White Supremacist
This can’t be, “Land of the free”
If kneeling might cost your position
I’m supposed to respect the system
They call our brothers, “Sons of bitches”

Kodak Black drops some conscience lines which is very different for the 20 year old rapper.

Ain’t old enough to hit the club to fill my cup with rum
But I can go die in the army or go to war for them
Ain’t old enough for marijuana cigars, spark my blunt
But old enough to spend my life behind bars, that dumb

Being from Florida and having Hurricane Harvey that just passed he also shared his views on the current floods of hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

These people got weather control
Where the hell you think Hurricane Harvey from?
The weather ain’t got no name
Where the hell you think Hurricane Harvey from?
These people control the rain, these people be diggin’ bonkers up

Listen to “Spar” on all music streaming platforms and comment your opinions.




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