This Is Me, Reinvented. 

This Is Me, Reinvented. 

I literally abandoned my blog for so long, but it was for a really good reason!  From April until now I’ve been on a rollercoaster of highs and lows of life.  I graduated college in May, I travelled internationally to Mexico for the first time, and I started my career.


At the end of my last semester in school, it was the most stressed I’ve ever been in my life.  The end of the semester was filled with so many thoughts like turning in 20 page papers,  applying for jobs daily, and finding my true purpose in life.  Really going through those last months of graduation were amazing.  For me it was really about enjoying those last moments of that chapter of my life.  College was literally the best years ever.

Graduation day was the best day of my life.  I’ve never felt so loved, appreciated, and accomplished.  Walking across that stage for 3.5 seconds hearing my name being called to grab my degree that costed me so much debt, stress, and tear was an experience that can’t be put into words.  It felt like all the tears, late nights, and the Ls I took finally paid off and all the crazy turn-ups, adventures, and experiences were all worth it.

Going to Mexico was that liberating journey that I had been craving for. I felt like all the pretty carefree black girls you see on social media.  The experience of traveling out of the country was something that I realized I gave me a natural high.  I was always traveling with the school and with friends, but going out of the country was completely different.  I went to an event called Cancun Jumpoff which is marketed as the largest urban event outside of the United States and it was the best event I’ve been to.  I met so many different types of black people from all over the world, it was truly like a Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy aura.

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One of my goals for 2017 was to travel internationally and I was serious about it.  I didn’t let people steer my mind away from the fact that it was in Mexico.  I had one friend that I was able to plan the trip with and it worked out perfectly.  We stayed for a week.  I had the opportunity to interact with different people from all over, actually use the little bit of Spanish that I do know, and simply experience a different country! I challenge all millennials to step out of their comfort zone, save their money, and travel.  It’s an adventure you can’t live anywhere in the United States and you learn so much!

I keep thinking about all of the negative comments people said about the trip.  Everybody had their opinions of why I was going, how did I get the money, why did I spend so much money on it, and how unsafe it would be.  Going on that trip made me realize that the only thing you can’t waste money on is travel.  At school, I got refund checks so I was able to use part of that check for that trip because I planned for it. I drove Uber an hour away from my school to save money. I really sacrificed for what I wanted.  Honestly, thinking about the trip, it was the best week of my life.  It came out of my pocket, and I enjoyed it to the max and I’m so happy that I got to do that.  It’s really important for me to live my best life, live for me, and do what I want. Slowly but surely, I’m learning that sometimes you have to just take that leap and not let the cloud of others rain on your parade of your life.


After graduating and traveling, coming home was depressing.  I felt separation anxiety from not being with my friends, I felt lost because I didn’t know what was next, and I was unsure about everything.  I was lost.

Since “re-finding” myself, I feel happier just because I feel like now I have multiple plans to conquer my dreams.  I have a great support system of friends and sometimes I have these random bursts of “I can do this” moments.

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Basically with my life, I ultimately want to be happy while being unapologetically me while traveling and getting paid! Haha. Honestly and truly.  With media I want to do so much.  I want to write and be a journalist of course because writing is my first love.  Being a media personality has always been my dream, like doing interviews with people at events and on the radio.  There’s so many outlets for media nowadays and I don’t want to put myself in a box.  I want it to be that with anything pertaining to media, you know that India Monee’, the media maven got you! Whether its covering an event with writing, interviewing on the red carpet, or just hosting, anything, I want to be that girl.

I want to become an entrepreneur and be able to have a business to create my own opportunities to make more money and pursue my other interests in marketing. Some of my near future goals just to share are to become a contributing writer to a big website, move to New York City in 2018, and grow my own platforms via this blog, social media, and my YouTube channel.

Naturally I’m really an overachiever but also an over thinker so everyday is a constant struggle.  Constant thoughts of what am I doing, what should I do, and what should I not do.  I just want to do me without regrets or doubts, be about my business, accomplish my goals, continue to be an influence and inspiration for others, and just make it.

My best friend Official Steffon really gave me some advice that I needed it and I decided to take it and run with it.  He told me who cares about what people think, stop playing it safe, and do what I want.  If I want to dye my hair, do it. If I want to cut my hair, do it.  He’s challenged me to step out of my safe comfort zone and to stop overthinking.  I can be my multi dimensional self and it’s ok to do something different sometimes because why not, I only have one life to live,  right?  He encouraged me to focus.  Focus on me and what the future but to also enjoy the process.  I truly thank everyone who has helped me on this path from college,

Though it is very very easier said than done, this post is being, India Monee’, The Baddest, unapologetic like Rihanna honey.

This is me, reinvented.


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