Top 4 Essentials For A Lit Homecoming

Top 4 Essentials For A Lit Homecoming

Homecoming season is currently in full effect and everyone’s timelines are dripping #BlackExcellence.  This week is all about doing it for the culture and letting that office persona go and tapping back into those undergrad days.  Scrolling through my TL and being a working alumna, I couldn’t be more excited to hit highway to 290,  head down University Drive, and get back to my yard of PVAMU.

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Prairie View A&M University is one of the most anticipated homecomings as it was voted the #1 homecoming in 2016 on HBCU Buzz.  Wether you’re an alumni or a current student here are the most important homecoming essentials.

A Plan

Going into homecoming without a plan doesn’t work because it will be all over the place.  Usually there’s an overload of events going on during the day, parties at night, tailgating, and alumni events.  Figure out which events are most important to hit regardless and pin point those and play everything else by ear.  Some events usually are a hit or miss because there’s so much going on so don’t force plays.

Water + Your Go-To Turn Up

Water is very important because throughout the turn ups you need to stay hydrated.  Nobody wants to be that friend that is running to the nearest toilet or having to be taken care of.  Also it’s important to have your go-to turn up needs on you so that you stay on your level at all times.  You want to be prepared for all possible outcomes.

The Slay

You have to come prepared to slay everybody on campus wether you’ve been seeing them since the semester started or you’re making your campus comeback.  Homecoming week is the time that everybody brings out their best fits to pop out so you have to make sure you bring it.  There will be pictures, videos, and Snapchats poppin’ the entire week and you have to be prepared and ready to slay.

The Right Crew

This is probably the most important essential needed for homecoming.  You have to be surrounded by likeminded people during this week.  Everybody needs to be not only on the same page, but the same wave.  You can’t be surrounded by negative people who don’t want to have fun with good vibes.  So break it to your boring friends easy by saying “get lit or get lost”. This week is all about fun and they should understand.  Don’t let people kill your good vibes.

With all the tailgates, people to link up with, good food to eat, and all the festivities to partake in homecoming can be stressful, but the good stress. Be sure to have all the essentials and have your cup in your hand at all times to have the most lit time possible!

Be sure check out my homecoming video from last year and stay tuned for the 2017 vlog. Happy Homecoming Szn!


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