Did Draya Deserve Getting Donkey of the Day for Not Signing Her Son’s Homework?

Did Draya Deserve Getting Donkey of the Day for Not Signing Her Son’s Homework?

Draya opened up another reason for social media to drag her not too long after her Thanksgiving dinner troll.

She posted on her Instagram that she was annoyed that her son Kniko’s homework was to memorize a four-minute speech, practice it for five times a day, and then required her signature.  Irritated with hearing the speech, it seems that Draya refused to sign the assignment which caused her son to not get the points he needed.

The post and delete text message exchange post between Draya and her son caused Black Twitter to drag her parenting skills.  Some users felt that the time it took her to look to social media to understand her, she could’ve signed her son’s homework.

Charlamagne tha God gave Draya Donkey of the Day because just like Twitter, he felt that it is her job to be parent and tend to him no matter what.

Not being a mother, but being a child, social media went too hard on Draya.  Not living a “normal” day to day life, Draya may have the time to actually listen to her son’s speech and sign the paper; but she still has the right to feel the way she felt.

There has been times my mama didn’t want to listen to me and help me with my homework because she was too tired, didn’t feel like being bothered, and whatever else mothers go through.  I feel like sometimes just being a mother is probably a lot of pressure even for Draya.

The fact that hearing a speech and signing papers is such a repetitive thing, I can see why anyone, let alone a mother would be annoyed.  I can remember times where my mama told me that this is my homework and just make sure I do my part, but she did do hers.

I feel like Draya was trying to reach to the mom community to get some understanding and wanted other moms to relate but of course that didn’t go as planned. Sometimes social media just takes regular day to day situations and blow them out of proportion because it deals with a celebrity.

Don’t act like your mama has never told you to go away and get out of her face whether the situation at hand was big or small.

What do you think?



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