Do We Have to Pick Between Nicki & Cardi?

Do We Have to Pick Between Nicki & Cardi?

Barbz on Twitter have claimed today as #NickiDay due to the release of Nicki Minaj’s two new tracks “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun Li”.

Nicki Minaj has went on a hiatus from social media and speculations have heated up wondering, is this the start of a new album on the way?

Nicki tweeted “4” on Sunday and deleted it which made fans frantic wondering what did it symbolize.  The next day she tweeted and deleted “3” as well.

Allegedly Nicki Minaj has dissed Cardi B on her new upcoming single “Chun Li.”

“I ain’t never played a ho position/I ain’t never had to strip to get the pole position/ Hoes is dissing, ok hoes these is wishin/ You’re in no position, to come for O’s position.”

Though Cardi B. has gained her success which seemed to be overnight, why do we have to chose between being a Barb or being apart of #BardiGang?

Cardi has recently mentioned in interviews that there is no beef between the two and that it is made up internet entertainment.

Since Cardi released her album less than a week ago, she has received so much support from the media, fans, and other artists because we’ve watched the glow up.

Two female rappers who are baddies, do we have to chose between the two?

Cardi gives a different feeling than the songs that Nicki gives.  They are two different women with different paths.

We’ve grown with Nicki from our adolescent years with her mixtapes.  We’ve went through the Chinese bangs and under-toned pink hair with the Barbie chain. Unlike a lot of other female rappers, she’s aged well in the industry still being one of our favorites.

Cardi gained our fandom through her videos on Instagram giving us laughs for things that no one wanted to say out loud. Being organically herself by sparking our interest, the more we saw of Cardi, the more we loved her. As she grew into music, the support naturally followed from social media.

The success of both artists come from different places and different times in their fans’ lives, so why do we feel like we have to choose. Nicki being an OG in the game and Cardi being our newest obsession, there’s always room for both.

Nicki gives off those HBIC vibes when you’re in the mirror getting ready and Cardi delivers that our come up is coming so don’t play with us feels.

Both New York women are fierce and needed in music but we don’t feel the need to choose, let’s be a Barb apart of #BardiGang and support them equally.

Check out Nicki’s new music below and tell us what you think!



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