Why Fans May Not Be Too Excited For Cardi B.’s New Album

Why Fans May Not Be Too Excited For Cardi B.’s New Album

Cardi B. entered the entertainment industry full force with her unapologetic attitude and her crazy work ethic and owned 2017.  With many appearances, interviews, and deals Cardi B. has won over the mainstream’s heart and attention while craving for her debut album.  Promise after promise of the release date, Cardi’s album, Invasion of Privacy is finally set to release April 6 and the buzz for it has been subpar compared to normal Bardi Gang excitement.

Here’s why we believe people aren’t as excited for Invasion of Privacy as expected:

The Phase of Cardi

Some people may be over the phase of Cardi.  When Cardi came into the mainstream game with Bodak Yellow she took everyone by storm with her wired personality and her genuine spirit.  There has been many talks of will she just be another reality star turned one hit wonder.  Though Cardi isn’t letting up on her hard work as she is on Cosmopolitan‘s cover story for the April issue and according to NBC, the first-ever co-host of  “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” she’s steady proving that she deserves it all.

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Photo: Cosmopolitan

Brain on Offset

Ever since the release of Bartier Cardi and using Offset’s name repeatedly in her second single, we could clearly hear that she was happily engaged.  Cardi and Offset quickly became “bae goals” after their public engagement but the song seemed to rub some fans the wrong way for overly expressing her affection in the music.  Not only did she mention him in Bartier Cardi but also on her verses in Motorsport and Um Yea, both on Migos projects.  With the release of her newest single,  Be Careful which seems to be about the rumors and troubles of the relationship with Offset and his alleged affairs, here is yet another song about her fiancé.

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Waited Too Long

Time after time Cardi has given dates around the time when her album would be released.  She made many statements saying that October would’ve been her album release month but once on The Breakfast Club in September she double backed and said that she wanted more time.  Bodak Yellow did have a great wave and Bartier Cardi is doing well but the unfulfilled promises for so long may have left fans uninterested.

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Pregnancy Rumors

Known for being loud, open, and naked, lately the trendsetter has been covering up with tulle and more clothing than normal and everyone is watching with close eyes.  She’s also taken a step back from social media and hasn’t been as vocal as expected especially with her debut album releasing.  The speculations have been attached to pregnancy and with being a fiancé and Offset already being a father of three, the thought isn’t far fetched.  Though she hasn’t said much about being pregnant, she sat down with Ebro from Hot 97 to discuss a little about the rumors.  Fans may be disappointed if Cardi is pregnant due to her career just now taking off, but maybe the album will give fans a chance to invade that privacy.


Let us know how you think Cardi B.’s debut album will be!


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