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Top-10 Tips for Planning a Rooftop Date

By: Aleksander Pichkur A date on the roof can become a wonderful gift for your loved one, especially if there’s a special occasion for it, like Valentine’s Day, your wedding or relationship anniversary, or some other memorable date. Or maybe you just want to make her a sweet surprise? It doesn’t matter. A romantic rooftop date is always a memorable event, full of tenderness and mystery. A date at the top of the skyscraper is the peak of the 21st-century romance. We all have seen such stories in love films and, deep inside, we always wanted to be a part…

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No Bae? 8 Valentine’s Day Ideas That Aren’t Basic

Sometimes Valentine’s Day can be so overwhelming when people are flaunting their boos and gifts that it can leave you bitter and empty when you have no one to share it with.  On another note, Valentine’s Day could not phase you and Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends could be a better approach. Whether you want to celebrate by enjoying your besties’ company or just take a loving day for yourself, these fun ideas will not have you missing your nonexistent bae or that fuck boy you need to dismiss. Have a photoshoot. Random photoshoots are like the new “it” thing for…

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Top 4 Essentials For A Lit Homecoming

Homecoming season is currently in full effect and everyone’s timelines are dripping #BlackExcellence.  This week is all about doing it for the culture and letting that office persona go and tapping back into those undergrad days.  Scrolling through my TL and being a working alumna, I couldn’t be more excited to hit highway to 290,  head down University Drive, and get back to my yard of PVAMU. Related Post: PVAMU’s Homecoming Brings High Spirits Onto Campus Prairie View A&M University is one of the most anticipated homecomings as it was voted the #1 homecoming in 2016 on HBCU Buzz.  Wether you’re…

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3 Tips to Keep Your Melanin Popping This Spring

With the first day of spring already here, that means the climate is changing, the air is different, and your skin will be probably be acting funny as well. It’s time to change your skin regimen to make sure that your melanin stays glowing and pimple free.  If you’re located in a dry state like Texas where spring and summer are one in the same, it is important to make sure to take closer care to your skin. Just like I change up my nail color and my hair for the warmer weather, I make sure I change up my…

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Vision Board Making Tips + Vision Board Playlist for 2017

Making a vision board is one of my favorite things to do at the beginning of the year because number one, it’s relaxing and two it allows you to take all of those New Year’s resolutions and put them on the table. Everyone usually makes these new goals for themselves yearly but what good are those goals if you can’t see them and have a constant reminder of them.  Let’s plan that vision board making party now so grab the poster board, some magazines, glue and lets make our goals come to life in 2017. Add quotes to your vision…

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