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Dear Suburban Black Kid, Hey you. How long have you been out this way? Did you move here or have you always been here? As you look around in your class and see all of your friends, Ally, Chase, and Elizabeth know that we’re not equal. You’ll go to the same schools as them, go to the mall together, and live in the same neighborhood but you’re not their equal.  When it comes down to it no matter how great of a house you live in or how proper you talk the only thing that some will ever see is the…

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‘I Am Cait’ and Why Her Sex Change is Positive for Society

As the steam from the hot cup of tea has started to cool off, I really started to think about the bigger picture in the coming out of Caitlyn Jenner. There’s way more to this situation than Bruce Jenner becoming a transgender. Of course at first I was wondering how could someone at the age of 65 all of a sudden decide…NOW is the time that I want to change my sex and become a completely different person. I laughed at all the jokes and the memes and then I realized that Jenner’s sex change was actually a positive thing.

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Since I’ve found some of the best vloggers on YouTube, I’ve started my own vlogs! They’re super fun and are great ways to get to know me! I’ve done a couple at school and now that summer is here, I’ll be vlogging in Dallas. I’ve named my vlog series ‘Downtown With India Monee’ ‘ just to go along with my downtown theme. Anything is bound to happen when you’re downtown in any city and I feel like that best describes my life, anything is bound to happen. Get to know me even better through my vlogs! Comment, like, & subscribe on…

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Interview with MC Lyte for #BlackLivesMatter @ PVAMU

DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE METAPHORIC PHRASE LYTE AS A ROCK….? It’s explaining how heavy the young lady is…. and I was so humbled and blessed to be able to interview the Hip-Hop legend MC Lyte at our #BlackLivesMatter seminar. She spoke about chasing your dreams and of course shared her knowledge on how to make the black community stronger. She shed a lot of light on her own career and how she has overcome obstacles and how she has gotten here today. After being rushed and only having 4.5 minutes to interview her, MC Lyte was so down to earth,…

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PVAMU Freshman Experience

Here’s a video I made in the beginning of the summer sharing my freshman experience at my lovely HBCU, Prairie View A & M University. This was also my first time making a YouTube video lol.

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