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8 Year Old Student Dress coded for ‘Black Girls Rock’ tshirt

In early December, 8 year old Makiyah-Jae was dress coded at Popps Ferry Elementary and forced to change out of her shirt that said ‘Black Girls Rock’  in Biloxi, Mississippi. Sharika Jolly, the mother of the girl stated that her daughter had issues dealing with her Afrocentric features telling her mom that she wanted to straighten her natural hair and dye it blonde. She also said that her daughter has worn the shirt before without issues. The principal of the elementary school admitted that it did not violate any dress code policies but he made the decision based on his own…

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Why You Should Buy Ty Dolla $ign’s ‘Free TC’

Ty Dolla $ign has taken 2015 as his year as he released his debut album Free TC and has shared his life with all of his fans. Most singers in the industry have sex appeal like Trey Songz or can kill the dance scene like Chris Brown but Ty Dolla $ign is different from the rest.  His raspy Cali accent grasps an audience of not only the sexy, but those who like to party as well. He tells Fader Magazine, “I’m not tryna promote being the best fucking American man. I’m promoting partying and having fun and being that type…

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4 Reasons Why College Students Deserve a Week Long Thanksgiving Break

After a long fall semester, college students are so eager to have that first break away from school, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is that time of the year in which college students are so enthusiastic to leave school for a moment, see their families, get away from school responsibilities, and most importantly eat real food. High school students seem to have the most luxury of having the whole week off but here are reasons college students deserve the entire week off:

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#BlackGirlMagic: My Top 7 Favorite College YouTubers !

Being in college with either crappy cable, very limited channels, and little to no time, Youtube is one of few options that I have to watch. My favorite thing is to watch YouTube gurus share their lives through vlogs, make-up tutorials, lookbooks, or story time videos. It gives you an insight on others lives similar to yours and a way to connect with people all across the world. It is also really inspiring to see black girls in school, making their dreams come true, and being role models while giving a glimpse of their day to day living basis.  I have a…

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My Favorite Recent Interviews!

Since school has been recently taking over my life, I’ve been slow on blogging just because I have a lot on my plate but I have been vlogging and on Youtube, and you can watch my life and subscribe here. I’ve been watching plenty of interviews lately just because my college cable sucks so here’s my favorite recent interviews! Waka Flocka on The Breakfast Club The evolution of Waka Flocka is crazy! If you remember back in the day when Waka was really poppin’ he was wild, crazy, and reckless but this 2015 Flocka is enlightened. He seemed to have become…

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